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Welcome to our new Esthetic Dr. Surgery Support Line.

Just follow the stream as so many German Resident Individuals has done before you.

One of our Pasmalite EU Distributors offers our PL Network members this exclusive service:

And we can easy Finance it for any Scandinavian Residents via our Siemens Financial Service 
services, at very good unique medical enduser client terms.

All medical Surgeries are taken care of within the European Union by our stand by most 
Proffesional Medical Plastic Surgergeons. Get your facelift or breast done with MD Medical
Guaranties. As so many estetic- and economic minded Germans has done before you.

You can easy deside if you like to pay chash or by means of a low monthly Siemens Fee.
Just sign our Siemens Contract "and get a simple clear to go" approved by them.
Then just go, relax and enjoy. Take a break by means of just a few days of.

Why pay so extremely expensive for home surgery, when you can get so
experienced EU proffesionals to help you out at some half the price . . .

And we arranges everything very nice and comfortable, just as a service for you:

- Direct budget flights from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki or Gothenburg.

- Serious Local Hotel Accomodation(****), 2, 3, 4, 5 days, depending on your own 
  estetic ambitions.

- Local most Friendly English spoken Pro Hostages as are in the business as our 
  trustfull Plasmalite Distributor and Clinic owners at local site. All MD's are of cource 
  English (and German) spoken. Our local Host is a personal friend to above Hotel 
  owner, as one Hotel option for you. Car transports, local cultures, restaurants, 
  local budget shopping in large new shopping malls/centers, what ever you prefer.
  Experience yourself how everything feels like when a National Economy is growing.

- Local MD Medical Guarantees given to any Scandinavians as well as to Germans so 
  experienced as done so many times before.

- 5 % of your Siemens Fees are collected in our MBC Guarantee Fond, If you ever 
  needs to go go back to see your local Doctor again, for any cliamed Guarantee 
  reasons, if any, what so ever. Most clients goes back to do even more surgery.

- Welcome to become a new modern young individual on your esthetic outside.
  To feel praud and happy, and you good feelings inside will come by it self.
  Don't over do it, do it serious, and you will feel serious as a reward back to you.

- Welcome to find out more about our unique service for you: 

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 ( Contact Datas to all of us at MBC as under our website tag: "CONTACT" )



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